Kunst Creative Bureau | About
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Kunst Creative Bureau (KCB) was established in 1997 in Athens, Greece by Antonios Koumoundouros, focusing to unique and innovative ways to serve customers in the advertising and promotions arenas.



 Flexible proposals, creative designs and deep knowledge of communication distinguished each project.



After the successful campaigns in Europe, Kunst team arrived in New York a warm evening in June 2013 with full of creative ideas, a lot of imagination and above all the will for hard work.



And on the occasion of a new client, ENCODE – a major Cyber Security company, a new Era for KCB begun. We started from the beginning, we searched every element, we studied a lot, we analysed the status in a new strange world – the Cyber World and we started to create with passion.



On December 2016 the establishment of Kunst in the United States of America is a fact. One year later, September 2017 KUNST LLC became officially IBM’s “Registered Business Partner” in the United States of America.






We bring business concepts to life and United States is the best place on earth to work on this.



Member of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce