Kunst Creative Bureau | Anton
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Scion of an historic family of Greece, with origins lost in the mists of 17th century in Venice, a descendant of a Prime Minister, son of a poet and a very excellent mother, he grew with the music of Bach and the unregulated notes of Jazz into a green suburb north of the city of Athens. From the earliest days of his life he realized that he came here to live his own way.


He does not like soccer and basketball, but boxing and wrestling. Does not deal with politics because he prefers to watch Mad Men and Lost online or reading his favorite books. He wakes up in the morning and feeling happy that he can meet again with the bright light, loves nature, recycles, exercising, takes care of his diet, he deeply loves his nephew, his friends and the whole world. He perhaps is curious and definitely awkward at the same time a good man.


He works for years in advertising and believes that good ideas are only those being implemented. And in order to do so he does not stick to details. He believes that everything can be done at a specific time as long as there is strength, willpower and perseverance.



Anton trains his body, exerts his spirit and works for his soul. Touches unexplored aspects of existence and feel free. And that’s really a good thing. –