Kunst Creative Bureau | Cyber through colors
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A Cyber Security Congress powered by ENCODE and IBM – a design by Befoolish Designers and a new campaign via Twitter is born. #cyberthroucolors is the concept. Small details from the design as teasers. Each with a sort phrase about the symbolism of color. But stating also our point of view. Because we believe that:


“Safety is the emotion you feel when you are with your own people. When you are calm and enjoy your life. When sense dominates your thought and serenity reigns in your soul. Then yes you’re safe, you’re not afraid, because you feel around you protection and stability. You walk into your life, powerful without losing time on unnecessary thoughts, you explore the world around you with excitement and you’re happy, because now you are free to define your goals without fear – because someone protects you and cares about you. You’re safe. The world around you is beautiful and you know it, live it with passion and intensity, without detour, without getting lost. You’re safe. Safe to dream, safe to move on, to thrive and to leave your mark in the big world of people.”

and a very simple image can represent all the above. Because 1 image is more that 1000 words.



Creating associations through the images:

White on light Blue: pure, clean, gentle colors, guilt free

White on light Blue: pure, clean, gentle colors, guilt free

Green thru light Blue: Respect for nature

Blue with a touch of white: the sky, the clouds, our world.






designs by:  #Befoolish Designers




signed by KCB