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Video shooting for Palo Alto Networks – ENCODE


The filming should be done in a different scene, not a so typical tech background but with more classic style. Imagine, the two men are talking in a cozy environment about the subject of our collaboration (the product), they are in a very good mood because they know their job so well. The all-time successful combination of Prestige among with Knowledge, parameters that making the viewer of this Video to feel secure, – yes they are sure that he can trust his business on the capable “hands” of those men.





  • Email marketing

No words just using the power of the image:

We can send directly to selected clients the “On Camera presentation” Video that would be a great introduction. At the same time a teaser for our services and then the representatives of our Sales Department would arrange personal meetings.

  •  Social Media campaign

Writing posts, inserting news and visual material on 5 different channels under one concept but based on the characteristics of each channel. That consists of daily coordination, regardless of the fact that we should not to bore our audience with too many publications.





signed by KCB