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The CyberArk Event: Analyzing the privileged path of targeted attacks



The best practice approaches to managing privilege by providing an insight into the tools and techniques of CyberArk’s solution.

The novel analysis framework, the privileged pathways of various targeted attacks and the mitigation techniques that organizations can employ to make the attackers’ job much more difficult.



This exclusive event took place in Athens under the collaboration between ENCODE and CyberArk. The participants were IT professionals who specialize in IT security, CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, IT Administrators, IT Auditors from major companies and organizations in the public and private sectors.

We chose to implement this event in a very different environment than the usual technology meetings, which increases the value of the corporate image of both innovative companies. Modern technology meets elegance and timeless classic style in one of Athens’ most historic hotels. And that goes beyond the ordinary by creating memories and positive associations.


signed by KCB