Kunst Creative Bureau | Let’s Talk about IBM QRadar
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Let’s Talk about IBM QRadar: ENCODE and IBM


The Concept

We are strong because we are feeling – we know well the needs of our client.

We are capable of protecting his business and above all we are noble because the real leader has to be noble.


We believe that:

Safety is the emotion you feel when you are with your own people. When you are calm and enjoy your life. When logic dominates your thought and serenity reigns in your soul.

Then yes you’re safe, you’re not afraid, because you feel protection and stability around you.

You walk through life feeling powerful, without losing time on unnecessary thoughts, you explore the world around you with excitement and you’re happy, because now you are free to define your goals without fear – because someone protects you and cares about you.

You’re safe.

The world around you is beautiful and you know it, you experience it with passion and intensity, without detours, without getting lost. You’re safe. Safe to dream, safe to move on, to thrive and to leave your mark in the big world of people.”


The meaning behind the words

safety: our product – our services reinsure that

you work better when your mind is not afraid (Cyber attacks).

own people: we care for our clients

protection: our product

define your goals: we keep you safe so you can expand your work

beautiful: we do beautiful things in our work

big world: paraphrase of Big Blue


and we propose the 3 following acts:

The Way

On Camera Presentation Video

Explainer video for IBM Security QRadar product. In this short video the speaker would be one of ENCODE’s executives with the participation of a representative of IBM.

Social Media campaign

Writing posts, inserting news and visual material on 5 different channels under one concept but based on the characteristics of each channel. That consists of daily coordination, regardless of the fact that we should not to bore our audience with too many publications.

The channels

▸ Twitter                Tweets on a regular basis

▸ Linkedin             Selected articles

▸ Facebook           Posts – Communication on regular basis

▸ Google+              Selected news

▸ You Tube            Visual Communication based on our videos


Email marketing

No words just using the power of the image:

We can send directly to selected clients the “On Camera presentation” Video that would be a great introduction.

At the same time a teaser for our services and then the representatives of our Sales Department would arrange personal meetings.


The Video

design by:  #Befoolish Designers


signed by KCB