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Life through Art or better let’s discuss your needs for cyber security while living alongside Art. An area like a small village in the country side. Beautifull stone buildings, paths full of flowers. Our Guests can take their walk in the gardens, smell the flowers, sit on a wooden bench and “feel” the landscape. Like a «promenade»in the village :: now  they are in a different space, faraway from the office, trey are calm and joyful,  and above all secure. And they can admire the art – to see the paintings, the sculptures, to feel that energy that only Art brings.


on the 2nd reading

I secure art, I secure something precious, something essential, something important, like your business.


and one step more :: Explore (tease) your basic 5 senses

Taste :: the Food

Sight :: the Paintings

Smell: the Flowers

Hearing :: the Birds

Touch :: the ArtBook


The Scenario



the very 1st glance:: Beautifull stone buildings, paths full of flowers and trees, calm and beauty.


the history:: They pass through the wooden door to the interior of the Folklore Museum. History, memories from the past, objects totally different from technology but visual proofs of people’s power through time.


the present:: a small passage drives them to the present, to the Museum’s main halls. Our Guests can admire the art – to see the paintings, the sculptures, to feel that energy that only Art brings.


the presentations:: In one hall, among the paintings, a fully prepared business Unit will be waiting for them in order to start the main event – the presentations.


the lunch:: one big table – all 2gether – exceptional menu, wine and personal service in every way.


Time for serious lobbying – bounding with the clients that would bring more positive results.