Kunst Creative Bureau | Secure your Christmas Memories
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The Concept :: Simply honoring our clients

but @ 2nd reading :: updating them by providing continuous information about our products


 Imagine the picture:

Our Guests entering in a very elegant but without exaggeration environment (always keeping low profile), full of Christmas spirit (a big Christmas Tree is the first thing they gonna see) and we, joyful and friendly, are welcome our guests based on the real etiquette. Round tables, well prepared for this brunch, decorated with some Christmas details and a Christmas card inside, with the handwritten phrase: Secure your Christmas Memories. Somehow, like inviting them to our residence. The style of the place helps a lot on that direction.

the Design is just :: The Christmas Tree


  • a big Christmas Tree / this is the first thing they gonna see the minute they enter
  • after all we are invite them to a Christmas Brunch, it’s Christmas Time
  • a Tree is always a very positive symbol – all time classic

All the big tech companies use this symbol for growth, the ecofriendly way of doing business and especially because they like to present their products and services through a very alive symbol – especially in the Tech World :: people first and then the machine.


The Tree :: Christmas but also the Nature (beware a tree on a forest not inside a house)

The Elements :: Round balls (holistic secure) with a happy ”foolish style” maybe with some happy faces inside (the users).


design by:  #Befoolish Designers