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 Securing the Cyber World

our work @ ENCODE



The Concept :: THINK GLOBAL

The market for us is an open field full of creative challenges that require freedom of thought and smart acts. This is the central axis in our mind for ENCODE’s development. What rules define the global market, what’s happening now out there. ENCODE is looking ahead, participates in development, is already among the top companies and we need to show those facts with a creative strategy. We recommend a series of organizational actions to ensure ENCODE’s image, that will help communication and reinforce the efforts of all. We focus on strategy and the development of all the capabilities that enables us to work with overseas markets.


Establishment and Coordinate of the Chess Sector

The role of Kunst Creative Bureau is building, full coordinating and daily operating the Strategy Sector the Chess Room that consists:



         the Intelligence Bureau
A dynamic department that having the responsibility for publicity’s full coordination.



➣         the Networking World 
We consider as major tool the corporate social presence that consolidates company’s existence, opens new avenues of communication with prospective clientele, blunts the impressions and outlines company’s human profile.



➣         Social Responsibility
ENCODE protects the information security by developing the knowledge via three denominators: Education ❘ Art ❘ Sport




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